[РЕШЕНО] [РЕШЕНО] ban 1400min for killing a tk noob

unfair ban
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Ok Terozzz, i will give ban to Dazz 1400 minutes and i will give you ban 7000 minutes for killing 5 players. It isn't correct to join a conflict between players without knowing their language. Rules have a paragraph "admins decide", you shouldn't give us advices or decide for us, we can handle the situation ourselves. Dazz got kicked and banned a lot of times, and that he's someone's friend or enemy doesn't play a roll. And i treat all players the same, only positive.
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Terozzz, situations in a game are always different, and not all of them can be described by rules.That's why there is a paragraph "At the discretion of the administrator" or circumstances. Probably Dazz was wrong, but in this specific situation that we talk, He saved the team(by killing the one who was playing with the door).
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Изображение уменьшено. Щелкните, чтобы увидеть оригинал.
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Terozzz i don't know why you got so negative all of a sudden. That's your right, i don't judge you. But, you wrote so many situations, in which you were wrong to. So the thing that i can't understand, is what are you trying to acomplish? Give Dazz a ban? Ok, he will get banned...And so do you...That will make you happier or feel good? Don't think so.
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I will, thanks.. So now i get 7000 min, im happy with it (alough if we acurate 2 of those wasent killing they were incaps).. What about dazz killing me 3 times in a row after that ?Добавлено спустя 1 минутуAnd the dazz killing wasnt at safe room it was in the toilet far away from saferoom.... after start..Добавлено спустя 12 минутSo if dazz killed him in saferoom at the end and after start in next round, thats 2 times.....Добавлено спустя 16 минутAnd this is not me beeing negative, its about same law for eweryone.. No "favorite" persons in game who can do what they want... Fair game.. u heard about it?
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